2011 Riverfront Open Space Plan

Riverfront Open Space Plan

This is a long-range plan for future development along the township’s 2.5-mile riverfront area of the Schuylkill River, from Conshohocken Borough to the boundary of the City of Philadelphia. A special focus of this plan is the area covered by the Riverfront Development Overlay District in the Zoning Ordinance, which covers the area extending from Spring Mill to Conshohocken Borough.

The plan includes recommendations for actions at a number of locations along the river. Some of the high priority recommendations include: development of a riverfront trail system between Spring Mill and Conshohocken, various safety improvements necessary in the area, extension of Washington Street to eliminate dead-end access, notifications to potential developers of environmental concerns resulting from former heavy industrial uses in this area, creation / restoration of riparian buffer landscaping, installation for additional public parking; installation of boat launches, and installation of fishing piers.

The Board of Supervisors adopted the Riverfront Open Space Plan at the July 28, 2011 public meeting.

Plan Documents