2016 Subdivision & Land Development List

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SLD#  PROJECT NAME                       
01-16 737 Spring Mill Avenue                           737 Spring Mill Ave 7 Single Family Attached Dwellings / 
Located Partially in Conshohocken
02-16 S. Paone, Inc. 3047 Spring Mill Rd 21 Single Family Homes                                              
03-16 Stephen Slawek 2067 Harts Lane            2-Lot Minor Subdivision
04-16 Whitemarsh Shopping Center Ridge Pike                 
11,380 sq.ft. Expansion of Existing Building (Sketch)
05-16 Frank J. Mastroni, Jr. 735 Bethlehem Pike New Mixed Use Building / 3,747 sq.ft. footprint
06-16 Mongrain Lot Line Change 2214 Joshua Road 2-Lot Minor Subdivision
07-16 Edwin and Deborah Guie 3142 Spring Mill Road Minor Subdivision 3-Lots Total
08-16 Veterans Home Assoc of Whitemarsh Valley
493 S. Bethlehem Pike Modifications & Expansion to Existing Facility & Parking
09-16 Holman PA Automotive, LLC 432 Pennsylvania Ave Subdivision/Lot Consolidation - Proposed Automobile Dealership
07-15 DJB Properties, LP c/o David J. Brosso 903 Spring Mill Avenue 8 Single Family Attached Dwellings - Preliminary Plans
11-16 Pat Sparango, Inc. NW Corner of Bethlehem Pike and Henry Lane Single Family Dwellings 3-Lots
12-16 Colonial School District 201 E. Germantown Pike West Gym Expansion
13-16 Spring Mill Corporate Center 10th Ave & Spring Mill Ave Partial Demo Warehouse & Parking Installation