Residential Building Permit Requirements


Residential building permit applications must be submitted with two complete sets of plans which include:

1. Site plan - show property lines and dimensions, parking areas, setbacks, and accessory buildings. Utilities including fire hydrants, landscaping, easements, curbs and gutters, curb cuts, walkways, slope of driveways, grading including retaining walls, drainage and a north arrow.
All site plans must be drawn to scale with parking areas, setbacks, etc., and dimensioned on the plan on no less than 8.5" X 11" paper. 

2. Building elevations - show exterior materials, roof pitches, grading, chimney termination, and attic ventilation.

3. Footing and foundation details - show depth of footing, reinforcement, damp proofings, and foundation drainage.

4. Wall cross sections - show structural components including beams, headers & blocking; indicate ceiling heights and insulation.

5. Floor and roof framing - show size and type of material, spans, spacing, layout and truss specifications (if applicable)

6. Floor plan - indicate use of all rooms, attic access, room sizes, water closet clearance, shower dimensions, furnace and water heater location, washer and dryer, etc.

7. Electrical, mechanical, & plumbing - show location of electrical panel, smoke detectors, lights, switches, outlets (including GFCI protected), combustion air, dryer vent, floor drains, shower pans, etc. 

8. Windows - show sizes, location, and type of glazing (how windows open, i.e. slider, single ung, casement of fixed); include basement windows and window well sizes. 

9. Stair cross sections - show rise and run, headroom, width, handrails, guardrails, and landings.

10. A completed energy analysis - Rescheck 4.0 or newer

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