2023 Miscellaneous Fees

Appeal to Board of Supervisors
Local Agency Hearing$500.00

Automobile Repair & Junkyard License Fees 
Unlicensed and/or Un-inspected Vehicles on Residential Property$1.00
Junk Yard License (Per Year)$200.00
Junk Yard License Transfer:   $50.00

8 1/2" x 11" Copy (Per Page)$0.25
Large Copies (Per Page)$3.00
Whitemarsh TV Program Copy (DVD)$20.00

Disk Copy of Plans$20.00

Lien Fees$50.00

Real Estate Fees
Real Estate Tax Payment Certification:    $20.00 
Via Fax
Check Returned by Bank for Any Reason $35.00
Copies of Original Real Estate (Per Copy)$5.00  
 Plus Postage

Amusement Tax License
Temporary (10-day Period)
Permanent (Calendar Year/Place of Business)

Business Privilege License
Calendar Year/Place of Business$10.00
Mercantile Business License
Calendar Year/Place of Business$10.00

Administrative Witness Fee for Any Civil Legal Proceeding 
 (Per Hour)
Attorney’s Fees 
Solicitor's Fees pursuant to Section 503(1) of the Municipalities Planning Code
(Per Hour)

Memo Bill Fee for Mortgage Companies $5.00 
 (Per Tax Bill)

Wire Transfer Fee  (Pass Through)$35.00
BOCA Appeal$500.00
Local Agency Appeal$500.00

Special Inspection and Permit Review Services *Cost *
*Special Inspections and Permit Review Services refers to a 3rd party company doing inspections or a plan review. The cost is set forth by the individual company/agency.  There is a 10% Administrative Fee added to the cost.

Act 46 Permit Extension Confirmation Fee$75.00